Relationships Passing in the Night

November 10, 2017 by Bella

I've finally got a new book coming out before the end of the year. It's called Relationships Passing in the Night and is a second chance erotic romance.

Relationships Passing in the Night

Here's the blurb:

An airport bar in Atlanta, two strangers on the same cancelled flight, a hotel with only one room left... and an unexpected mutual attraction.

Chloe runs a venture capital firm in Boston. She walked in on her cheating husband on the same day her father passed away. Now three months into a contentious year-long divorce proceeding, she just wants some peace.

Charles finally gained approval to sell his company’s surgical products and is in a celebratory mood for a change. His recent relationship crashed after he overheard his girlfriend outlining her plans to spend his money, so he isn’t looking for anything serious.

One amazing night later, the pair discover that sometimes strangers can be closer than friends. And after they part, their connection becomes an irresistible force that disrupts both their lives. Are Boston and Dallas too far for relationships passing in the night?

So... wanna read a couple of sample chapters?

Let me know what you think!


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