The Sequel Is Finished

August 21, 2014 by Bella

I am happy to report the sequel to Inseparable is now complete and has been turned over to the editors at PubYourselfPress to help me craft into a book. Right now the tentative release date is Monday, August 25. I hope to have a title and cover to reveal soon.

The writing process for this story felt more focused, aided in part by the outline I submitted to the editors before I began. I wrote it with them looking over my virtual shoulder to help me during the writing process. They provided feedback and suggestions when I strayed too far from the outline without making me feel like I was being fenced in. The support they gave me allowed me to write faster and with more confidence.

For those who read Inseparable, this story picks up a little over a year later. The point-of-view in this story is evenly split between Julie's best friend Polly Makutsi and Jack's nephew Kurt Guidry. It begins on Thanksgiving and ends three months later at Mardi Gras.

Jack and Julie are featured supporting characters, as are their kids Jen, Lisa, and little Jackson whose only dialog is composed of an excited "Da!" I wanted to show their progress as a couple, so I gave them a significant subplot to explore their evolving relationship. Most of the scenes take place in their new house over Christmas, allowing readers to see how much has changed in their lives.

One of my favorite parts of the first book was the Cajun flair Jack and his mother, Claire, brought to the story. For this one I've opened up Jack's family to show the kind of life I knew growing up around Morgan City and Lafayette. With so many extra characters, I actually had to map out a bit of Jack's family tree and invented some back story to make them interesting and realistic. The dynamics of family love and tension stretch the characters in ways that mirror my own experiences in a large family.

I can't reveal too much about the antagonists in this story without spoiling part of the plot. Suffice to say Polly's road to happiness is not without its share of roadblocks and detours.

The story weighs in at around 69,000 words and took me 53 days to write. I'm not a full-time writer, so this represents a big chunk of my free time since June. After taking a week or two off, I'll get back to writing again. I bet by the end of this book it will be obvious who's going to be featured next!

I'm looking for reviewers who are interested in getting an advanced copy, so if you liked the first one and are looking for a book to read, shoot me an email!


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